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  About the Paula H. Callahan Memorial Fund

The Paula H. Callahan Memorial Fund is dedicated to the memory of Paula H. Callahan, a courageous California woman.

Paula H. Callahan died February 26, 2007 after a four year battle with breast cancer. Paula's devoted family, friends and colleagues remember her as a woman always in charge, vocal with her opinions and incredibly generous of spirit. A faithful servant to the Catholic Church, Paula was a true Christian, putting others before herself. When she contracted cancer in 2003, she became part of a new community of survivors that would define the last years of her life. Paula was an advocate for women suffering with breast cancer. Paula was a writer, a mother, a loving wife, a grandmother, a friend.

The Paula Callahan Memorial Fund is dedicated to supporting the fight against breast cancer and also to sponsoring writing programs for at risk young women.